TOP GRID: The top section of the mat where a majority of flows start and finish with sunrise salutations.

There are two distinct sets of marks in grid 1.  The first set of marks are what we call the “t’s” which look like  -.-   

The “T’s” are located at the top center as well as along the sides of our patented mat and are specifically designed to form fit the natural shape of your right and left big toes.  Making it easier to equidistantly align your feet confidently and over a consistent period of time.  

Depending on where you prefer to line up your hands in conjunction with your feet you can adjust your feets alignment points up or down on the “T’s.”


The second set of marks are the “Arrows,” which look like >>>>  <<<<

The arrows are specifically designed to align with the natural angle of your thumbs as your hands press into the mat (downward dog/forward fold/camel & cat/pushups).  This mark is only located in the TOP GRID


Tip: Try to line the tips of your thumbs with the dots in the middle of the “arrows” and the rest of your fingers will fall into place.  You can line up your thumbs on the line or between the line depending on your shoulder width adjusting left to right.   

Where you prefer to line up your right and left thumbs with respect to your feet during your forward fold depends on a couple of factors.  First is your flexibility level and second is your personal preference of alignment.  The combination of these two factors will determine where you are most comfortable placing and lining up your right and left big toes on the center "t’s," and your right and left thumbs on the “arrows.” 

When you’ve found these points you’ve also found the first set of your personal “alignment points” or “target points” to aim for while transitioning between poses.

Grid 2-3:   

Key alignment points or target points for your toes need to be established for poses like downward dog and warrior before this greater efficiency during transitions can be attained.  This portion of the design also serves as a performance metric allowing its users to quantify increases or decreases in flexibility levels during a practice or since the last practice.   


Grid 2-3 can also be used during childs position or cat/cow to line up knees equidistantly.  Notice how Alyssa's thumb tips are still set within her alignment points on the "arrows."