Yoga CNTRD is a rehabilitative focused style of yoga and body therapy session. CNTRD's trademark all-inclusive universal approach is designed to help people of all size, flexibility, and physical abilities improve the symmetry of their muscular skeletal systems. Yoga CNTRD's unique approach improves nervous system optimization, offsets minor or acute muscular atrophy, and strengthens the self healing potential between mind and body.

Our mission is accomplished through the active and consistent practice of Yoga CNTRD's unique approach to our yoga and body therapy sessions on our patented yoga mat design.

Yoga CNTRD's patented yoga mat design provides visually cognitive and equidistant alignment points essential to rehabilitating the symmetry of our muscular skeletal systems. Utilizing Yoga CNTRD's patented universal alignment grid design and the synchronization of breathing patterns in concert with the gift of yoga is the key to unlocking the benefits of Yoga CNTRD.